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Collecting user requirements in Belgium

In early 2017, the first Relay and Academy applications for Belgium were successful, but were limited in their initial funding.

Mid 2017, the Belgian Collaborative Ground Segment was initiated by VITO, ESA and BELSPO under the brand Terrascope and started making available Sentinel-2 data and derived added-value products (Leaf Area Index, …) at national scale.

The initial Terrascope survey that is documented in!/vizhome/TerrascopeSurvey/Introduction was organized and funded under a contract between VITO and BELSPO, in preparation of the Belgian CGS. It was closed in December 2017 and its results were published in January 2018. Using these results, the functionalities of the Terrascope viewer have been prioritized. The survey’s focus was on gauging the interest in existing Sentinel data and service products. Responses came from around the world, but mainly from Belgium (the whole country).

In this action, we want to continue and extend this survey mechanism, with a focus on user requirements for new products/services, not on usability of existing products (i.e. a different survey topic). As a result, we expect to document how the Copernicus services and Sentinel products need to be adapted for Belgian users.

This supports the evolution of Terrascope and complements the requirements gathering done by the European Commission (e.g. future Sentinels), Entrusted Entities (service evolutions) and existing Academy/Relay networks (e.g. training needs).

The on-going contract with BELSPO for Terrascope does not include such user requirement surveys; hence there is neither an overlap nor a double funding.

In addition, an online platform is set up for collecting user requirements, prioritizing them and following them up with relevant Copernicus bodies (ESA for Sentinel data, EEs and User Forum/Committee for their product portfolio, Terrascope for the national-level collection & distribution of Sentinel-data and definition of added value products).

Single online contact point for support and requirements gathering, building on helpdesk service tool that is already installed

Two regional-level meetings to raise awareness on Terrascope and its activities, complementing the activities already funded under Terrascope itself (eg helpdesk operation).

External stakeholders: Flemish administrations, Belgian Science Policy office, universities

Outputs and Results

A clear and up-to-date overview of the specific user requirements for Sentinel data (and Service products) in Belgium.

Annual user requirements survey.