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Blog in Spanish about features and applications of Sentinel images

INTA has been maintaining a blog about features and applications of Sentinel images since July 2017. The idea behind the blog is to discuss those technical features of the images that might affect the use of them, and to make users familiar with space technology. The blog also includes news and comments on the Copernicus flight segment (both Sentinels and contributing missions). The blog publications are taken from issues that appear during the normal work at INTA or that are raised by users. It is important to note that the blog is open and available to any person able to read Spanish.

The blog ( is currently part of the INTA webpage, and it is updated almost weekly. The required technical and staff resources (both for the content and the IT support) are provided by INTA.

This action is aimed to > Communicating the opportunities provided by the Copernicus programme effectively to user communities <

Outputs and Results

The action will enable INTA to maintain the publication of its Copernicus blog throughout 2020.