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Advocating the Use of Copernicus Data in the Balkans, Middle East and North Africa

PRAXI and NOA will participate in 2 cross-border events such as information days, seminars, workshops and matchmaking. These events will be organized in close collaboration with other consortium members. Following the analysis of the previous activity, our primary target is GEO-related events in the region of the Balkans, M. East and N. Africa.

NOA is coordinating the Geo-Cradle project, which has prepared actions for the uptake of Copernicus in the regions of the Balkans, North Africa and Middle East. NOA is willing to exploit its connections to these regions and coordinate the organization of such events described above. GEO-CRADLE experience highlights that there is great potential in EO products and services, relating to the thematic areas of Energy, Natural Disasters and Security for food and border control. These have been defined as regional common needs and have received high priority in the regional EO integration roadmap.

These could include two main lines of activities:

  1. Participation of PRAXI and NOA in 2 events organized by the consortium. PRAXI and NOA expect the participation of many other members of the project. It is important to bring users and developers together.
  2. Participation to GEO related events. NOA holds the Greek GEO office and can work on maximizing the impact of such participation. Through GEO-CRADLE NOA participated in the GEO-XIII Plenary and Exhibition in St. Petersburg (2016), having two (2) presentations and a side event. In 2017, NOA participated in two (2) sessions during the GEO-XIV Plenary, 23-27/10/2017, Washington D.C.. In 2018 NOA participated at the GEO-XV Plenary in Japan and organised a side event titled “Identifying, communicating and delivering the value of EO- a regional approach. Finally, in 2019 NOA participated at GEO WEEK in Australia-Canberra. Thus, NOA is having experience and depending on the period that the GEO-XV Plenary (2020) in South Africa will take part, NOA can raise and expose the use and the user uptake of Copernicus in such a big and important worldwide GEO community.

PRAXI will co-organize the matchmaking event. NOA will help PRAXI to promote the event and engage Greek participants.

Outputs and Results

Participation in 2 events organized by the consortium.  

Participation to 1 GEO initiative to advocate the use of Copernicus data in the Balkans, M. East and N. Africa.