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An Introduction to the Copernicus Programme

Point of contact
Nuria Valcarcel
Centro Nacional de Información Geográfica
c/ General Ibañez de Ibero 3
28003 Madrid
Phone: +34-91-5979585

Digital book in Spanish language intended to be used as an entry point to the Copernicus Programme for the Spanish speaking community, with information about the programme itself, the space component focusing on the Sentinels 1 and 2, the Land Monitoring Service and the in-situ component. The book also contains a brief introduction about the use of Earth Observation and geospatial information for the Sustainable Development Goals.

On the below linked website, the "Centro Nacional de Información Geográfica" (CNIG) gives an overviews of the FPCUP-project. Furthermore, CNIG's user uptake activities within FPCUP are introduced, also providing possibilities to download materials in Spanish language.