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Presentations about Artificial Intelligence in Earth Observation

Point of contact
Eric Hallot
Institut Scientifique de Service Public
Chera 200
4000 Li√®ge
Phone: +32-4-2298316

During the cross-border working event "AI4Copernicus Day", presentations were given on integrating AI in EO research and development. The event focused on integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Earth Observation (EO) research and developments. Actors from the Walloon Region and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg gathered in order to set up a community linking both technologies. More than 250 participants joined the working day, coming from the public and private sector, research centres and academia.

A total of 21 international expert speakers and 6 panelists gave insights into the relevant topics, organised in four thematic sessions:

  • State of the art of AI in EO
  • Successful examples and applications of AI in EO (e.g. the use of Sentinel-1 and AI for flood monitoring)
  • Needs and challenges to implement AI in EO via a round table
  • European and regional tools to support AI implementation and funding potential

As part of the related Action ("Wallonia-Luxembourg Copernicus Day"), a website was developed that contains all the information about the AI4Copernicus Day including the speakers' presentations. Please use the below-mentioned link to access the website and the presentations.