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Presentation about Using Sentinels for Water Quality Monitoring

Point of contact
Jenni Attila
Finnish Environment Institute
Latokartanonkaari 11
00790 Helsinki
Phone: +358 295 251 078

This presentation, entitled "Sentinels for water quality monitoring and status assessment in Finland", was held at the 4th EuroSDR workshop for Scaling up the Sentinels in Europe on 26 and 27 October 2020.

The presentation focuses on the question: What do we do with the Sentinels in Finland with respect to our water quality monitoring? Finland puts a lot of effort in developing automated water quality monitoring and is also highly motivated by EUs directive reporting obligations. Furthermore, the presentation contains information about SYKE's open earth observation services for water quality at the TARKKA interface. TARKKA is used by authorities, media and citizens. Lastly, there are some examples of media use of Sentinels in Finland during the past year. SYKE is also active in Twitter: @SYKE_EO.

Please use the below-mentioned links to access the presentation and to get more information about the workshop and about SYKE's activities within FPCUP.