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Operational monitoring wildfire and muirburn for Scotland

Point of contact
Lynn Heeley
Joint Nature Conservation Committee (JNCC)
Monkstone House, City Road
PE1 1JY Peterborough
Phone: +44-1773-562626

Sentinel-2 satellite data have been used for mapping individual wildfires in Scotland for several years, especially those impacting designated sites, but the extent of muirburn practices has been largely unmonitored. Thus, NatureScot and JNCC collaborated on development of a process to semi-automate mapping of wildfires and muirburn activity at national scale.

The initial investigation successfully detected the majority of both wildfire and managed burns at all sites. The national-scale test took less than 4 hours to analyse 130 pairs of Sentinel-2 images for April 2020. It identified several burns, including some that were previously unknown. The scripts for the burn mapping workflow are publicly available on GitHub.

See: for further information.

Please use the link given under "Files to Download" to access a summary of the activity and a presentation in English.