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British Website about FPCUP Activities

Point of contact
Lynn Heeley
Joint Nature Conservation Committee (JNCC)
Monkstone House, City Road
PE1 1JY Peterborough
Phone: +44-1773-562626

On its website, JNCC informs about the FPCUP-project as well as about all their activities within FPCUP.

JNCC offers a variety of activities:

  • A monthly forum for stakeholder engagement
  • Themed workshops including
    • Soil Moisture Workshop (14-15 July 2020)
    • Water Quality Workshop (13-14 October 2020)
    • Establishment of an Earth Observation group in Northern Ireland
  • Upskilling activities
  • Development of applications using Copernicus data including the topics
    • Change detection in protected areas and the wider countryside
    • Mapping change in peat detection
    • Air quality and greenhouse gases
    • Wildfire and muirburn burning
    • Scoping further uses of EO data
    • Illegal waste
    • Using EO in scanning for emerging infectious diseases

Please use the link given under "Related Links" to access the website.