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#ApliCop Network – The Copernicus Ecosystem in Spain

The ApliCop network, © IHCantabria

The ApliCop network, © IHCantabria

Example of a node within the network, © IHCantabria

The #ApliCop initiative tries to bridge the gap between different actors related to the Copernicus Programme in Spain, fostering the dissemination of downstream solutions created by intermediate users.

The ApliCop network tries to answer important questions that are relevant for user uptake. These questions differ depending on the type of user, for example:

  • End users require information about the tailored solutions available
  • Intermediate users want to identify the gaps to provide a service/solution to end users
  • Service providers want to meet the intermediate users who are using their products in order to know how the service could be improved.

In addition, the ApliCop platform tries to keep the Spanish Copernicus community updated in terms of events. All the information is centralised and recordings from past events are available.

The contribution to Copernicus user uptake is twofold: On the one hand, the main actors and their downstream solutions are disseminated to the entire community, and on the other hand, all the Copernicus events related to the Spanish community are centralised and disseminated through the ApliCop Platform.

Please use the below-mentioned link to get access to the ApliCop platform.