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50 Danish User Stories Based on Earth Observation

Denmark is pleased to present the publication Danish Uses of Copernicus – 50 User Stories Based on Earth Observation. It is a collection of short articles documenting, for a non-specialist audience, the use and benefits of Copernicus. The Realm of Denmark has highly varied landscapes, from its numerous agricultural fields and islands of the southern regions to the grassy-sloped Faroe Islands and the icy and mountainous Greenland in the north. With such vastly spread and large areas to cover, the use of Earth Observation becomes evidently beneficial.

The collection of user stories illustrates both the variety and increasing importance of satellite usage in the public and the private sectors, and how Earth Observation satellites are valued at the national, regional and local level. The 50 user stories have been collected from authors across the scientific, public and private domains in Denmark and Greenland in order to showcase the continuously growing usage and application of Copernicus, the Sentinels and Copernicus Contributing Missions throughout the Kingdom of Denmark.

This joint publication is created in a collaboration between the Danish Agency for Data Supply and Efficiency – under the Danish Ministry of Energy, Utilities and Climate – and the Municipality of Copenhagen. The Danish National Copernicus Committee, which is a sub-committee under the Interministerial Space Committee, has contributed to the coordination of the publication.

Please use the links given under "Files to Download" to access the publication in English and Danish language.