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Centrum Badań Kosmicznych Polskiej Akademii Nauk - CBK PAN

CBK PAN is the leading Polish research institute focused on space physics, spatial geodesy, remote sensing, and space hardware. CBK PAN participated in space science missions and is involved in various space projects including CASSINI, INTEGRAL, ROSETTA, MARS EXPRESS, HERCHEL, VENUS EXPPRESS, InSight,  Solar Orbiter and IMAP.

Department of Earth Observation has a lot of experience in COPERNICUS projects and related services: GMES-Poland, PEARL, G-MOSAIC, UrbanSat (PECS project), Geoland2, and B-First (PECS project), G-NEXT, G-SEXTANT, AF-3 (EC, FP7 projects). It specialises in land cover and land use classification using machine learning (e.g. S2GLC project, crops detection and yield estimation, change detection (both optical and SAR data), advanced GIS analysis, satellite climatology, crisis management, programming (development of algorithms for image processing), and internet applications.

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Copernicus User Uptake Activities

Research and applications of Earth Observation including:

  • Research activities for innovative EO-based solutions development
  • Development of downstream applications
  • Training and capacity building activities on different levels of education
  • Raising awareness about Copernicus Programme opportunities