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Space Research and Technology Institute, Bulgarian Academy of Scences - SRTI-BAS

Space Research and Technology Institute (SRTI) at the Bulgarian Academy of Scences (BAS) was established in 2012 after merging of the Space Research Institute (SRI, est. 1987) and the Solar-Terrestrial Influences Institute (STII, est. 2008). The mission of SRTI-BAS is to conduct fundamental and applied studies in the field of Space Physics, Remote Sensing of the Earth and Planets, and Aerospace Systems and Technologies.

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Copernicus User Uptake Activities

The main aim of COPE4BG is to raise awareness and transfer knowledge to national governmental institutions, academic community, business and non-governmental entities on the use of Copernicus/EO data, products, and services. The activities are also more specifically aiming at:

  • Organizing a national Copernicus Workshop
  • Developing and organizing online training sessions (MOOC)
  • Developing demonstration use cases for national governmental/non-governmental or business entities
  • Networking opportunities with other Copernicus Relays/Academies
  • Gap analysis of national regulation for the use of Copernicus products and services for improving the policy making process.