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Institute of Geodesy and Cartography - IGiK

The mission of the Institute is to carry out research and applided works in the field of surveying and mapping and related disciplines for science, geodetic and cartographic practice for the needs of state and local governments, national security. The Remote Sensing Department cover the broad range of research and application-oriented works related to the use of various satellite images and products for deriving information on environmental aspects. Our research covers the following topics: agriculture, forecasting of yield, drought detection, crop recognition and crop condition assessment; estimates of heat and carbon fluxes between surface and air, detection of soil moisture changes in wetlands areas, hydrological aspects, bioenergy, forests, natural hazards: floods, forest fires and landslides as well as land cover and land cover changes.

Point of contact

Copernicus User Uptake Activities

  • Lider of the research projects carried out within 6th and 7th EU Framework Programmes,
  • Head of the Group for Earth Observation Copernicus Programme in the Polish Committee of Space and Satellite Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences.
  • She plays a representative role on behalf of the Committee for Copernicus User Forums in Brussels.