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Maynooth University - National Centre for Geocomputation - MU

The National Centre for Geocomputation researches and develops scalable geospatial computational workflows to extract useful information and new knowledge about the world around us. The centre specialises in processing and analysing petabyte scale data collated from Earth Observation (including spaceborne, airborne/drones and in-situ sensor systems) and GIS databases using latest Machine Learning and spatial-temporal modelling techniques. Applications areas include Agriculture/Forestry, Environment, Critical Infrastructure, Urban, Environment, Marine, Transportation, Disaster Management and Climate Change.

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Copernicus User Uptake Activities

  • Copernicus Disruptive innovation tested
  • National Relay Academy Support
  • Developing regional or Member State-specific support for monitoring and reporting for GHG emissions and removals from land use, land use change and forestry