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DWD's Climate Prediction Website Has Been Updated

Example of Basic Seasonal and Decadal Climate Prediction for Germany

In October 2021, seasonal climate predictions have been added to DWD’s climate predictions website as a complement to the decadal climate predictions. With this update, a further step has been taken towards a seamless view of climate predictions over different time scales.

The goal is to present a user-friendly and tailored website that offers

  • a consistent selection of available climate predictions and corresponding prediction skills for different timescales (weeks, seasons, years) and
  • varying spatial scales (German regions, Germany, Europe, World).

A large part of these products is already implemented and can be accessed in a basic and an expert version in German and English.

The last update contains seasonal predictions for October 2021 to March 2022, including high-resolution statistical downscaling for Germany. The publication started with the version in German language. An updated English version will be provided in a few weeks. From now on, at the beginning of each month, these predictions will be complemented with the predictions for the following six months.

To access the website for climate predictions, please follow these links in German and English.