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National Conference: Use of Satellite Data and Copernicus Data in Administration and the Private Sector

The Action is principally focused on capacity building and raising awareness of the various stakeholders, responsible in Poland as National Action looking internationally for monitoring and management of the environment, on the scope of applications of the Earth Observation data and services developed in the frame of Copernicus products.

One aim was also to identify institutes/companies that may be interested in using Copernicus data, involving people from various scientific disciplines to prepare the offer. It was the main purpose of our second Action Success Stories.

As part of the implementation of indicators of the work performed in the task, we organized a national conference where we can show successes of polish companies and also information on how satellite data can be and is used by the state administrations.

Please use the link given under "Related Files" to see the conference agenda. Further information about the event can be found here:

1. Konferencja - Wykorzystanie Danych Satelitarnych i Danych Programu Copernicus w Administracji i Sektorze Prywatnym

2. IGiK zaprasza na dwudniową konferencję o wykorzystaniu danych satelitarnych

3. Postrzeganie problemów powierzchni Ziemi z kosmosu