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Hybrid Info-day on Copernicus data and sevices: Northern Greece event

A hybrid info-day on the European Union's Earth Observation Programme ‘Copernicus’, was organized by the BEYOND Center of Excellence of the National Observatory of Athens (NOA) in collaboration with PRAXI Network/FORTH, at the Municipal Library of Thessaloniki on the 30th November 2021. The event combined both physical and online presence for the participants, in order to meet the COVID-19 requirements.

The hybrid info-day aimed to raise awareness in the Region of Northern Greece and inform the relevant players about the Copernicus Programme. The action reached all the potential Greek recipients (intermediate or end users) of Copernicus. It aimed particularly to demonstrate the emerging opportunities from using Copernicus to new groups of people, previously not aware of it but potentially very interested. Examples of uptake actions, success stories and discussions on 4 different EO thematics (Disasters, Energy, Food Security, Epidemics) were included. Additionally, a special workshop on the ‘Sustainable Agriculture’ thematic was offered to public authorities’ as well as to SME's representatives. In this workshop, the participants learnt in practical level the value and opportunities offered by Copernicus.


Recordings as well as a highlight video of the event can be found on YouTube:

Copernicus Info Day - Highlights

Copernicus Info Day - Greetings (in Greek)

Copernicus Info Day - Thematic Panels (in Greek)

Copernicus Info Day - Workshop 'Sustainable Agriculture' (in Greek)