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EO-Crowd activity presentation at Finnish Satellite Workshop 2021

SYKE presents its EO-Crowd activity at the Finnish Satellite Workshop 2021 (with Finnish remote sensing days) on 23 and 24  August 2021. During the presentation, the participants learned about how the issues found in Copernicus and other earth observation maps can be communicated to interested users and how to arrange reactions for these.

EO-Crowd in a nutshell: Presentation in an online meeting to contact potential organizators and service providers for crowdsourced activities based on EO data, particularly Copernicus. For more information or to register go to:


  • Highlighting Service for Phenomena (HiSP) (“tiedoksi”): Information on phenomena seen on satellite images as individual, interpreted and classified notifications on an API interface or web map
  • Crowdsourcing Service for screening the Phenomena of Interest (CSePIn) (“toimeksi”): Requests for action due to a specific event on an API interface or web map


Please follow the link given under "Related files" (on the right) to get access to the presentation held during the workshop and to a summarizing abstract about crowdsourcing, co-operation task market and satellite observations .